Monday, October 19, 2009

What do u Eat

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The intake of food on daily basis is directly proportional to the strength of our body. If I start by asking a question What type of food do you take?

Child's Healthy Meal Planner
Use this easy calculator to see what foods your child needs!

Want to know what your child should be eating? Use this easy calculator to see what foods your child needs and how much!

You can also create a meal plan based on the recommendations or you can see how your child’s current eating habits measure against the recommended food plan.

Our calculator is based on the USDA 2005 food guidelines. Our goal is to help give you the information you need to guide your child to eat a balanced diet. By providing your child with the food they need from each of the food groups, your child will be getting all the vitamins and minerals necessary to help them grow and develop in a healthy way.

There are three ways that you can use the Child’s Healthy Meal Calculator:

1. You can find out what your child needs to have a balanced diet
2. You can create a personalized meal using the recommendations listed as your guide. The meal planner will guide you in determining what foods make up a serving and how much food does it take to meet the calorie needs of your child. You might be surprised at how those calories add up when providing foods from all the food groups. The body does not really need very much of the “Other Foods” (These are the foods that have very little nutritional value. They are mostly made of sugar and/or fat.)
3. You can compare your child’s current diet to the recommendations to see if your child is getting a balanced diet. One way to do this is to use the meal planner and create a meal plan that shows what your child is currently eating and then compare it to the recommendations.

Remember, a balanced diet means your child is getting all the vitamins and minerals their body needs.
BMI Calculator
Find out if your child is at a healthy weight
What is BMI?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a child’s weight and height. BMI is a reliable indicator of body fatness for most children and teens.
What is a BMI percentile?

You will notice a percentile ranking. This percentile ranking was calculated based on the BMI number and where it falls on the CDC BMI-for-age growth charts (for either girls or boys). Percentiles are the most commonly used indicator to assess the size and growth patterns of individual children in the United States. The percentile indicates the relative position of the child’s BMI number among children of the same sex and age. The growth charts show the weight status categories used with children and teens (underweight, healthy weight, at risk of overweight, and overweight).

BMI-for-age weight status categories and the corresponding percentiles are shown in the following table.
Weight Status Category Percentile Range
Underweight Less than the 5%
Healthy weight 5% to less than the 84%
At risk of overweight 85% to 94%
Overweight Equal to or greater than the 95%
How is BMI used with children and teens?

BMI is used as a screening tool to identify possible weight problems for


  1. Great post on a very important issue. Mealplanning is also useful for families to help with budgeting, shopping, and organizing. Here's a free tool which lets you save recipes from any website and then put the recipes into a mealplanner and shopping list.

  2. I am a non-veg but I don't eat Pork and I don't drink Beer or Wine. Because they are prohibited and they have bad effects on our health. I hope to stay on it always!

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